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The Shieldmaidens

Tribe name:The Shieldmaidens
Number of members:2
Points of the best 30 players37.233
Total points:37.233
Average points:18.617
Preferred languages:
Opponents defeated: 44.696.540 (18.)
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Tribe members

Name Rank Points Global Rank Villages
Plonkstar23 1 34,668 438 8
Arty Bing 2 2,565 717 1
Part of VKING

Never shall i lower my eyes
before any challenge or foe,

Never shall i bend my knees
before any lord or chieftain,

Never shall i bow my head
before any god or wright,

But ever shall i bend my back
in service to my folk,

For never have i met a king so noble
or a thrall so humble,

That they could not take pride
in a days work for the sake of their people.