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Scythian Allied Militia

Tribe name:Scythian Allied Militia
Number of members:4
Points of the best 30 players144.017
Total points:144.017
Average points:36.004
Preferred languages:
Opponents defeated: 33.888.159 (22.)
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Tribe members

Name Rank Points Global Rank Villages
styv 1 105,026 301 20
bambamsam1997 2 19,940 495 3
American Papa 3 18,677 502 5
CloudWarrior 4 374 973 1
Welcome to the Great Scythian Empire!

Please contact American Papa for Diplomatic inquiries.

If you are committed to this world and want to be a loyal and active Scythian, please contact styv.

The Scythian Allied Militia (SAM) was founded on TW27en and has fought on many worlds on the TW and TW2 en/us servers. We are proud of our history and do our best to be honorable and worthy warriors.

This is SAM's 100th world anniversary. We are excited and honored to play!

The Scythians were the first of numerous waves of warriors on horses who swept westward over the vast Eurasian steppes, which extend from Mongolia more than four thousand miles to the Carpathian Mountains in Europe.

The Great Svythian Empire was founded by styv in April 2009.

If you have questions please contact styv.